Height Access Technology Ltd provides the perfect solution to any vertically challenging work

From builders, electricians and painting specialists, to confined spaces personnel and other various trades, our multi-skilled team provides professional, comprehensive and cost effective high-rise building and maintenance services.

Rope Access

From high-rise maintenance of buildings, onshore and offshore wind turbines, oil rigs, radio masts, bridges and statues; to weed eradication and flora control on remote cliff top environments.

Fall Arrest Systems

Height Access Technology is the leading provider of the safest and most effective fall arrest systems in New Zealand. Our team of multi-skilled experts have had years of experience.


One of the main benefits of having us complete your high-rise commercial building maintenance work, is how quick, easy and cost-effective the whole process is, our technicians are up and out there.

Billboards & Signage

Signage, banners and branding is what gets attention and draws in new customers for your business, Height Access Technology Ltd make billboard and sign installations look easy!

Height Access Technology Ltd will work with you to solve to any vertically challenging work. Contact us today to obtain a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE.