Building maintenance is a very important part of keeping any building in good shape and providing a safe structure for patrons and staff. But high-rise commercial building maintenance comes with height access challenges for most regular tradesmen and building maintenance technicians. So if you need high-rise building maintenance services – you need to call the multi-skilled experts at Height Access Technology Ltd.


One of the main benefits of having us complete your high-rise commercial building maintenance work, is how quick, easy and cost-effective the whole process is. We use specially designed height access systems and procedures that include abseil rope access techniques – so our technicians are up and out there, getting the job done and dusted before you even know it!

And our systems and procedures don’t involve scaffolding or cherry picking machinery so they’re quick and easy to set up and dismantle, and they allow for high-rise maintenance work to be completed safely and efficiently – with little or no disruption and less cost.


Our maintenance services include:


  • Building Cleaning – high-rise cleaning of entire building exterior by professional height access building maintenance technicians
  • Painting Systems – high-rise industrial applications and painting systems suited to all sorts of buildings and carried out by professional height access painting technicians
  • Building Sealing – high-rise sealing, waterproofing and leak repairs and leak detection carried out by professional height access builders and building maintenance technicians
  • Graffiti Removal – professional and thorough removal of graffiti at any height
  • Glazing – high-rise glazing (a Height Access Technologies specialty),by carried out by professional height access glaziers
  • Window Cleaning – high-rise window cleaning carried out by professional height access building maintenance technicians
  • Facade Maintenance – Whether the maintenance relates to neon, electronic or electrical signage, glazing, painting, cleaning or clearing a build-up of environmental debris on the external building facade, professional height access maintenance technicians will carry out the work promptly, safely and efficiently
  • Decommission Removal – professional removal of decommissioned signage at any height


All of our building maintenance services are carried out using abseil rope access techniques and are carried out under the most stringent of safety standards and by our technicians who are all experts in their field.


If you want to maintain the quality and value of your building – contact the height experts at Height Access Technology today!

Height Access Technology Ltd will work with you to solve to any vertically challenging work. Contact us today to obtain a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE.