Sign & Media Installation

Signage, banners and branding is what gets attention and draws in new customers, but getting a billboard installation done can be challenging and costly – until now. Height Access Technology Ltd make billboard and sign installations look easy!


It takes knowledge and skill to install a billboard safely and effectively and we have had years of experience hanging signage and banners, and we have developed simple systems and procedures to make it cost effective and to get it done safely, quickly and efficiently.

Our team of multi-skilled height technicians are proficient in all kinds of sign installations, and have had experience using all the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that your signage and banners get installed in the safest and most cost effective way possible.


We also provide the ongoing maintenance of signage and billboards, over time things happen, especially in New Zealands harsh climate. We are here to make sure things are secure and stable with signs that have been up for longer periods of time, we will also come in and decommission them for you using the safest techniques so we assure no property damage and no harm comes to anyone. While we are taking the signage down we are sealing your building back up so you can rest assured there will be no leaks after we have completed our task.


Types of sign installs and maintenance we provide include:

  • Billboards
  • Shop Signs
  • Facades
  • High-Rise banners
  • Media Promotions
  • Frames Constructed at Height
  • And more

If you use signage and banners to promote your business, you need to contact the team at Height Access Technology today – because we’ll take your brand exposure to new heights!

Height Access Technology Ltd will work with you to solve to any vertically challenging work. Contact us today to obtain a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE.